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Who We Are

- Personnel: 524 people.
- Privately –owned buildings: 63.000m2.
Leading position in the total market of personal hygiene products in Greece.
- Strong contract manufacturing collaborations with multinational companies.
- Holding the largest percentage of personal hygiene private label in Greece.

Who We Are

Acts of caring – Society








By listening to the needs of today's society, we design and implement multifaceted programs, providing substantial support, mainly through financial aid and product donations. Indicatively, MEGA intensified its efforts through supporting more than 50 recognized social organizations and charities in Greece, during the 1st semester of 2014. 

MEGA offers more than 300.000 baby products, to people in need (read more ...)


Acts of caring – Children

The children are the future. MEGA Disposables stands by the children with high sensitivity, putting into action important initiatives and activations through Greece focused on children’s needs.


- Babylino Sensitive cover fully and for a whole year (2015), the health care of all children of SOS Children's Villages in Greece. (read more ...)

- Children's Accident Prevention Program (read more ...)

- MEGA supports children’s physical and mental health (read more ...)

 With the interest focused on children’s mental and physical health, MEGA supports systematically the important work of numerous organizations that help children.


Acts of caring – Family

Family is of priceless value. Its role is of at most importance, as the family is the backbone of the Greek society. MEGA recognizes the family's sacrifices for growing and caring for the children, despite the difficult conditions of the economic crisis in Greece.

Aiming at supporting the Greek Family, our company implements systematic and continuous actions:

- Supporting families of Greek Confederation of Large Families Association (read more ...)


Acts of caringThird Age

Mega stands beside the elderly, through systematic actions of care, in order to help them and to offer them good standards of living.

Every year, the company helps dozens of nursing homes and institutions. Moreover, in 2014, Mega put into action a distinctive initiative called "Sani - Letter to the Young Generation". MEGA invited the elderly from all over Greece to send a message, a word of advice to the younger generation, through a letter of inspiration and values. At the same time, it supported the significant social and charitable work of "NGO APOSTOLI" of the Archdiocese of Athens, providing the money for 25,000 meals for the feeding program of indigent elderly.


- Letter to the youth (read more...)

- Letter to the youth - Communication (read more)


Indicative thanking letters from institutions and organizations which the company has supported with donations and other actions. 


Acts of caring - Refugees

Human beings must stand by / beside other human beings.  

Since 2015, Mega Disposables S.A. has joined forces with the major humanitarian organizations such as Médecins du Monde, ActionAid, Doctors without Borders, Greek Red Cross etc and supports refugees with systematic product donations.

Until now more than 500,000 Personal hygiene products such as baby diapers, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, antibacterial wipes, etc., were distributed by institutions to the refugees all over Greece, while the company is committed to continue its support as long as needed.