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Who We Are

- Personnel: 524 people.
- Privately –owned buildings: 63.000m2.
Leading position in the total market of personal hygiene products in Greece.
- Strong contract manufacturing collaborations with multinational companies.
- Holding the largest percentage of personal hygiene private label in Greece.

Who We Are

Actions of Care










By listening the needs of society today, we plan and implement multidimensional systematic social programs, providing substantial support. During 2017 the company offered more than 1 million products in cooperation with more than 100 social organizations and charitable organizations throughout Greece.   

Indicative actions for society:


  • Babylino Sensitive with a sense of responsibility for the children’s increasing needs, support the Union “Together for Children”, by contributing to the cover of need in baby diapers for all members of the Union for the whole year of 2018.
  • Cover fully and for 2 whole years (2015 & 2016), the health care of all children of SOS Children's Villages in Greece. (read more ...)  
  • Annual adoption of a family at SOS Children's Village in Plagiari, Thessaloniki. (read more ...)  
  • Supply of medical equipment for the Pediatric Hospitals for Children in cooperation with the Pediatric Trauma Care Association.
  • MEGA stands next to new mothers who are in extreme poverty with a new social initiative titled "From Mom to Mom". In collaboration with the social services of the Elena and Alexandra Maternity public Hospitals, MEGA provides a "care box" with clothing and personal care that the newborn needs. In 2017, a total of 300 care boxes were delivered to fully meet the needs of two public maternity hospitals for one year.
  • Contribution to large families in difficulties, through four systematic and continuous actions in Athens and Thessaloniki such as: product donations, special offers for new mothers, scholarships to large families’ children, school supplies for the new school year.

                     - MEGA offered school supplies for 400 first graders. (read more...)  

                      - Annual Εxcellence scholarships for large families’ children. 

                      - 50.000 BabyGo diapers donated for Babies in need. (read more...)  

  • Sani Sensitive and NGO “Apostoli” standing beside Third Age, begin Panhellenic campaign for Dementia. The prevention campaign will travel in 30 towns and islands of Greece, from the border areas to the big cities, in order to provide people, over 60 years old, with the chance to make a memory test, free of charge, conducted by specialized scientists. Within the framework of this program, information speeches will take place in the community, regarding Dementia. (Read more...) 
  • Experiential theater workshops for the Elderly as part of active aging. MEGA in cooperation with Municipality of Athens and Thessaloniki completed the experiential theater workshops which aimed among others: practice of memory, teamwork and enhancing self-expression. (Read more...) 
  • New social program entitled "Prevention = Life Attitude” n cooperation with the Greek Society of Adolescent Medicine. The main goal is to inform and raise awareness to the teenage girls and their families for the great importance of prevention from an early age. The overall program "Prevention = Life Attitude" includes various activities, such as online library (www.everyday.gr - section "Love your newself"), experiential interactive workshops, Parent Academy, creation of publications, speeches at conferences, presence of specialists Greek Company of Adolescent Medicine at telecasts analyzing and providing advice on important issues of adolescence. (Read more...) 
  • MEGA Disposables standing always besides vulnerable social groups, has joined forces with the biggest humanitarian Greek Organizations to help support the refugees. The help is being sent through NGO's on the key areas - arrivals of refugees. The support is carried out by continuous and systematic donations of personal hygiene products. In total over 500.000 products have been sent until now.      
  • Awarded social action entitled "Letter to Youth." Nationwide Invitation of the elderly to send a message, a word of advice to the younger generation, through a letter of inspiration and values. Moreover MEGA understanding the difficulties that the elderly people face nowadays supported the significant social and charitable work of "NGO APOSTOLI" of the Archdiocese of Athens, providing the money for 25,000 meals for the feeding program of indigent elderly. (Read more...)
  • Campaign in cooperation with “the Pediatric Trauma Care Association” in order to raise awareness on children's accidents in Greece, to reduce their number and severity and to improve care once an accident has occurred.  Statistics show that up to 500,000 children are injured every year through car accidents, falls, burns, drowning, electrocution and poisoning. About 700 accidents are fatal and 3.000 end in permanent disability. In a country with a population of roughly 10.5 million people this number is huge.