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Who We Are

- Personnel: 524 people.
- Privately –owned buildings: 63.000m2.
Leading position in the total market of personal hygiene products in Greece.
- Strong contract manufacturing collaborations with multinational companies.
- Holding the largest percentage of personal hygiene private label in Greece.

Who We Are

Actions of Care – Environment


In the "heart" of our strategy for sustainable development is our commitment to produce our products with the least possible environmental impact.

We plan, invest and work systematically to make the operation of our industrial unit more environmentally friendly.

Our goals are primarily focused on energy savings, on responsible use of natural resources and on the integration of sustainable development principles to these decisions and our procedures.

MEGA Disposables received recently the Environmental Awareness Ecopolis Award 2015 and was distinguished for "beyond the duty excellent work in the category of Environmental Policy - particularly for the Solid Waste Management Program ". Additionally, MEGA is certified by the internationally recognized environmental System ISO 14001.

Below is a series of environmental actions by MEGA.

  • Recycling of paper and paper packaging by 90%
  • We use a certified company for collection, transportation, treatment and final disposal of our dangerous soil and liquid waste. This company is asked to provide us with a certification for this procedure after the final disposal of the waste, as a proof for its actions.
  • We separate from our production all the solid waste which is proper for production of solid fuels. This waste is sent to a certified company for further treatment.
  • Recycling of wood and wooden pallets
  • Recycling of plastics and plastic packaging
  • Recycling of all kinds of metals (iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.).
  • We use special filters to hold 99% of the dust powder created from our production, preventing its release in the air.
  • We have a waste water treatment plant. We reuse the clean water for our factory needs (for the fitting system, cleaning, etc.).
  • Recycling of all different types of batteries
  • Recycling of used oils and solvents
  • Recycling of electric and electronic devices.
  • For all previous recycling, all companies provide us with detailed certification for their actions.
  • Moreover, it is our strategy to reduce the electrical consumption. The implementation of this project is supported by the usage of motors with inventers for all equipment and the installation of SYN adjustment balance system for the thermal losses of electrical current.