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Sani incontinence products

A full range of light, medium and heavy incontinence products. Specially designed to offer top absorbancy levels combined with exceptional skinfriendly properties, for extra care to the skin.

Sani incontinence products

Sani Lady Sensitive light incontinence napkins

Sani Lady Sensitive light incontinence napkins
Normal (No3) Extra (No4) Super (No5)

Sani Lady Sensitive sanitary pads are specially designed for light or moderate bladder weakness and other special uses, such as child birth or post-surgery situations. They effectively absorb urine, which has a different constitution from blood. Specially designed to combine effective protection, better fit and skin friendliness.They allow skin to breathe.


Technical Characteristics

  • With hygienic, skin friendly Extra Soft cover, thus avoiding rushes.
  • 4 times more absorbent than period sanitary pads, thanks to their ultra-absorbent core that effectively holds moisture inside, thus helping to reduce odour.
  • Anatomically shaped.
  • With soft sides for better fit and protection from side leakage.
  • With strong adhesive for steady fit.
  • Individual packaging* for hygienic protection and easy transportation.

*except for Extra Large size.


  • CE
  • Sensitive Soft hygienic topsheet
  • Odour Control