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Quality - Innovation

Top quality is an unconditional principle for our company, as attested by both Greek and international certification bodies

Quality - Innovation

Quality Assurance

MEGA S.A. has been present in the personal care hygiene branded market for the past 30 years and produces high quality products based on an Internal QA System (fully automated and computerized) and External Laboratories.


MEGA's QA System, from in house laboratory, which is equipped with the latest technology and our experienced personnel, is daily monitoring all stages of product manufacturing and is also monitoring the performance of the machinery and production units.

  • Suppliers selection.
  • Incoming raw materials controls.
  • Specifications control of new raw materials and production equipment.
  • Control of mechanical and technological equipment.
  • Online cameras, which detects each product, compare it with the prototype and in case of non- conformity, automatically reject it.
  •  In house laboratory controls.
  • Quality control of final products.
  • Automatic consumer complaint procedure in place.
  • Panel testing on consumers.
  • RMs control according to EDANA methods and INDA methods. The RMs are controlled based on our suppliers lot number.
  • In house laboratory controls*
  • Microbiological control in house.
  • Finished product performance (equipped with mannequins by Courtray lab for baby diaper testing and classification).
  • Regular internal panel tests.


*Our in house laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and our experienced personnel is monitoring daily our product specifications and bench-marking the competition.


External Laboratories. 

Our company cooperates with all approved laboratories and official organizations of our field.

  • EDANA-INDA (Belgium - USA) : all our raw materials are controlled according to approved methods and we follow all conferences to be updated about any new regulations. 
  • COURTRAY LABORATORY (France) : we confirm our own lab's findings by comparing with samples sent to Courtray lab. All sizes of our current Baby Diapers Premium range are tested since 2010 by Courtray and classified as CLASS A (tolerance CLASS B).
  • OEKO-TEX ASSOCIATION (Switzerland) : we buy nonwovens that have been tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex®Standard 100. Babylino diapers have been checked against stringent criteria corresponding to products intended for children aged 0-3 years, for the absence of harmful substances.
  • PASTEUR Institute (Greece) : has certified our products anti-bacterial action.
  • HY-TEC Hygiene Technologies (Germany) : external tests are performed to prove the effectiveness of our products and to ensure the validity of our marketing claims.
  • DERMSCAN group (France)
  • PRODERM Institute of Applied Dermatological Research (Germany).
  • A.SYGGROS DERMATOLOGICAL HOSPITAL (Greece):  we make IN USE tests on all our products under dermatological, gynecological or pediatric supervision depending on the product category. The skin friendliness of our products to the user during real use is of great importance to our company.

Our company is against animal testing.


MEGA's product quality efficiency

The excellent quality control systems and continuous technological evolution of production line have achieved the companies' important position, in Greek market of personal hygiene products, which includes: napkins, panty liners, baby diapers, baby wipes, cotton, wet wipes and incontinence products. Also, in specific product categories, our company holds the 1st place in the market steadily for years, something that highlights consumers trust: EveryDay Panty liners, Pom Pon Make-up Removal Wipes, Absorbent Cotton Wool MEGA, Wet Hankies/School Hankies/MEGA Antiseptic Wipes,etc.


MEGA's quality success in Private Label

Our quality system and production place has been audited extensively by important players in the hygienic business, who have entrusted their products to us. Some of our current private label co operations are:

Quality is also recognized by the largest retailers in Greece that have entrusted the production of their private label personal hygiene range to MEGA Disposables. This trust is enhanced year per year as MEGA gradually came to hold the largest percentage in personal hygiene private labels in Greece (Vassilopoulos, Sklavenitis, Pente, Massoutis, ELOMAS).